About destream


Globally, Destream is the financial ecosystem for streamers and eSport. We want to build an ecosystem with low fees and additional value-added products. destream will have:

  • Donation platform with the 0,77% transaction fee. Which is 20 times less than other payment systems.
  • The additional interactive mechanism’s to increase streamers revenue
  • Online-tournament platform
  • Marketplace to get goods using DST currency
  • Crowd-funding platform for eSport teams
  • BigData based advertisement platform to increase advertiser's ROI and add transparency and guarantee between streamers and advertisers.
Название Название Название
Вчера из-за утечки Вчера из-за утечки 22000
Вчера из-за утечки Вчера из-за утечки 25742000
Вчера из-за утечки Вчера из-за утечки 2750
Вчера из-за утечки Вчера из-за утечки 22

What is DST currency

DST is the internal currency which can be convertible through exchanges and local exchange in the future. After the marketplace launch, it will be possible to spend DST to get goods from our partner’s who connected to our marketplace. In the future we also planning to launch our MasterCard payment card, so you will be able to use DST for payments at the local shop’s

How to store DST currency

To get DST you need a wallet.
Today we have wallets for Windows PC and MAC.

Download the wallet for your system and follow the instructions https://destream.io/downloads/wallet-users-guide.pdf
More detailed information about destream, you can find on http://destream.io/